First Session, exploration

Lizzie, Nocan, Firth Stormtalon, Finneas Geoffry Buckleberry and Rylok began their adventures by encountering a creature made of earth that was trying to kidnap a small girl. They killed the child with a javelin, and then left the monster to escape, where it was cut down by some guards of Heironeous.

They left the scene in favor of a stiff drink, at The Laughing Bearded One Tavern and Temple where they asked about any activity in the town. The barman told them of some suspicious seeming drow who had moved into some abandoned houses on the edge of town. The adventurers went to recce the location, and were were attacked by the drow they found there. After searching the area, they discovered a strange magic rune carved into a wall, some vials of an unindentified liquid, and a scroll that explains how to cast a new spell.

after this they went to the market place to buy new equipment but before they got there they encountered another earth creature. this one they attacked and destroyed. on the remains of the creture they found a large red gem. they took it to The Laughing Bearded One Tavern and Temple and sold it so they could buy more from the market. After a nights sleep they were approached by the guards of Heironeous who asked them to acompany them to the city center ti take care of an outbreak of the earth creatures

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