Rylok Gaer Mikk kaer Stephen "Preserver" Daegel

short, dark skin, anti social and balding


1st level druid, 1st level walker of the waste Atributes:
Str 7 -2
Dex 14 +2
Con 14 +2
Int 11 0
Wis 16 +3
Cha 10 0

AC 16
touch 13
flat footed 14
HP 10

inititive 2
speed 15

saving throws:
Fort 4
Ref 2
Will 7

base attack bonus 0
attacks attack bonus damage critical

Quarter staff -2 1d4-2 x2

desicating touch 0 1d6 x2


Rylok was born into the [[Clan of the Scattered Remains]] on the 10th of Flamerise 85 years ago and, as is the tradition of the clan, was taken from his parents and raised, educated and cared for by the clan elders. The only connection to his previous family is his family name, Daergel. When he joined the basic education program the clan organise he would only socialise with other gnomes because that is how the community was segregated despite the fact that he loathed the other gnomes because he was a more solitary person. It was these gnomes that gave him the nick name “Gaer Mikk Kaer”. At a young age it was noticed that his strong connection and love for the desert waste land was causing a magical link that gave him a talent for spell casting. One day during a period of serious drought he spent all day gazing at the waste and found the ability to create water from thin air. When he shared his gift with his people they were overjoyed.
They accepted his gift and trained him accordingly in a group of specially selected protectors of the clan who all possessed magical ability. Upon being accepted into the protectors he gained the name title of “preserver” that all clan protectors get. After being trained for a number of years under the clan protectors the elders became increasingly aware of the chaos within the city of Johannes. They claimed that the imbalance of power within the city was destroying the voids between worlds and that this was the cause of the destruction of the city long ago but only recently had the effects reached the headquarters of the clan. Sensing this problem arise Rylok and the rest of the protectors were sent to Johannes to reduce the chaos by killing all those in the city to stop conflict and put a stop to the planar imbalance.
They set out on the long journey to Johannes in the west. After three weeks trekking the protectors stumbled upon an army of chaotic planar creatures that slaughtered all but four of the clan protectors. Rylok managed to survive because he was buried under the corpses of his allies in battle and forgotten about until the fighting was over. Arlorn, a half Orc paladin of Nerull was deemed to be one of the strongest members the clan had ever produced and it was this strength that allowed him to fight the way he did without dying like the rest. Content Not Found: Fraluken the human battle mage fought well but was struck down in the midst of battle and only survived due to Arlorn’s last remaining heal spell. Rylok has always felt closest to Fraluken even during the time of their training and has once remarked that he is “one of the few humans that I see no reason to kill”. The only other clan protector to survive that attack was Content Not Found: Dryke the elf wizard whom Rylok has always detested and sees as unworthy to be a member of the clan. He believes that Content Not Found: Dryke fled the scene of the battle at the first sign of danger and that is how he survived.
When the four of them finally reached the city they agreed they were not strong enough to combat such a problem on their own. The best solution was to split up and befriend groups of strong people with a similar interest in destruction. Arlorn joined the temple of Nerull and is trying to stir up conflict between the two halves of the city from within. Fraluken is doing his best to recruit violent radicals on the good side of town in the hope they will destroy each other. Dryke is lying low on the good side of town trying to conceal the fact that he’s a wizard and so is not making much progress in destroying the city. Rylok is currently on the side of evil with the adventuring party building up his own strength and destroying all that he can. The four of them intend to keep in touch at least once a month and meet up on select occasions.
Although he would never say anything Rylok’s feelings towards the party vary greatly. He believes that Nocan, Firth and Lizzie all have appropriate appetites for destruction and Nocan especially will be very easy to lead. However he finds it hard to trust Finneas as he has too much control over the rest of the group. He believes that a no strong direction for the chaos he chooses will have bad consequences and that his charismatic attitude does not belong on the battlefield.

Rylok Gaer Mikk kaer Stephen "Preserver" Daegel

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